Depositions, Editing & Court Room Playback
 Depositions: are especially important when dealing with doctors, experts and witnesses who are not available for trial. With state-of-the-art equipment, we provide a clear sharp video image, crisp easily understood audio and trained technicians that know the rules of evidence. That's the difference that Lawyers video makes.

 Editing: After the recording, we can produce a new edited master tape and edit out any objections, sustained by the trial judge, preserving the orginal tape as you may need it for appellate purposes.

 Playback: The words of the person giving testimony are dramatically bought to life in court - helping you make a powerful presentation to the judge and jury.

"Day in The Life Videos "
"Day in the Life Videos" are made to document the hardships of the physically or mentally handicapped. These videos let the jury or insurance companies see what it's really like to deal with the everyday difficulties your client must face.

In a completely objective manner, Lawyers Video will sensitively capture an entire day in your client's life, showing the physical, emotional and financial burdens he or she must endure. It's an extremely effective way to illustrate your case with impact.